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First in Shymkent "singing" fountain set in a park of "Independence"

First in Shymkent "singing" fountain set in a park of "Independence"

The unique layout of the park is implemented. Builders are putting the finishing touches on the outline of a new recreation area, but now many Shymkent come here to hang out with family.

"Residents deserve such beauty - with admiration divided resident of Shymkent Tahir Uzdenov - I think that soon this park is a favorite vacation spot of Shymkent."

All residents in the park invites Iskhad Mohammed. Builder from China helped build a singing fountain. Now admires his work, says that even in the Empire Podnebesko no such beauties.

"I really like the music that plays when working Fantan - says Iskhad - And we have established a special projector, which will air the movie, through the water. This is an amazing show. "

On the mound, on which the park is located, has already paved paths, installed benches, erected his Baiterek. Park will decorate flower arrangements, which were brought from Holland.

The construction was made possible by social responsibility. October 13 will host the opening of the park "independence."